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Hill Country Horses is now offering TRAINING!!
Have you taken your horse to a trainer and they only ride your horse in a round pen or arena, or just on the property at the stables?  That is what the majority of trainers do, since they have so many horses to ride.  Get one out of the stall, ride it for 30 minutes, put it back in the stall, on to the next horse.  Well, that is great for breaking colts, or putting a handle on one, but since they are only exposed to an arena enviroment, they can be scared or spooky once taken off property, or going down the trail.  That is where we come in... more...
Safe and Sound - KID TESTED Horses

You can now advertise your horse on our website!
We are a small family owned and operated business located in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.  We specialize in safe and sound horses for all ages and we strive to make a perfect match between the horse and the rider.

All horses come with a guarantee because if you aren't satisfied, neither are we!

You will get one-on-one training with your new horse so that you will know all of his cues before you get him home.

We only have a few horses for sale each month as we ride, teach, and observe them before we offer them for purchase.  We make sure you can ride them out alone or with a group, down a busy road, out on the trail, or take them where ever you want. 

We sell quality, not quantity!

Phone number: 830-265-7210
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